Root Vegetable Casserole

I think my time in the English department is coming to a close, so I want to pay homage to Dr. Sole’s root vegetable casserole. The recipe originally came from Dr. Sole’s family friend Jeanie Racine. I have been blessed to add this casserole to my plate at many department potlucks. The layers of potato,…

World’s Best Baked Beans

I first had this baked bean recipe at a faculty picnic. I begged Dr. Soles for the recipe. There are six different beans and the combination of taste and texture makes me want to cry to my mother! The zing from the vinegar, the flavor of the bacon, and the delicious heartiness of this dish will make every other potluck guest say, “Did you try those beans?!” Sometimes overlooked, baked beans can get a bad rap, but bring these to the next family picnic and just wait for the reactions!