Cutco – The Right Tools for the Job

When I was 18 and just finishing high school, I was looking for a job and saw a flyer on a telephone pole. “$23/per appointment, Sales positions.” In 1992, I found this prospect very enticing. I headed to an address in Brighton and listened to the spiel from the officer manager. If I bought a starter kit, I would be a private contractor and could earn commission on my sales.

We learned showmanship. Cutting ropes and leather, then expertly slicing a tomato. I sold to family friends, but my sales career didn’t last long. I did keep my starter kit. I am still using these amazing knives 24 years later. My mother-in-law knows my affection for Cutco and collects the knives for me at her estate sales. I have a vast, mismatched set that I cherish.

My husband and I have been together for 20 years. Admittedly, I am hard to buy presents for. He mentioned an anniversary band, or some expensive piece of jewelry, but I turned to him and said,  “I don’t want diamonds. I want knives, the matching set from Cutco.” With all the creative cooking I’ve been doing, having the right tool for the job would be a little piece of culinary heaven every time I light up the stove.

When I called the local Cutco store to place my order, a young man, 19 answered the phone. “Cutco Brady” can be reached at (585) 503-8703. We laughed at the parallel of our lives. I advised him to keep his knives. If he doesn’t learn to cook, his spouse will surely be grateful. Cutco is an investment, but if you love to cook, I’d make the call.

(I am receiving no compensation for this post, just love this product.)

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