Relish the moment!

Grandma Jane always used to have a relish tray at her big family gatherings. There would be pickles and veggies, homemade dips, and cheese. I want to do my part to promote this delicious and healthy addition to the dinner table. I’ve been researching the modern relish tray, but I think a combination of modern and classic is what Orleans County is all about. I stopped at Partyka Farms  to check out their pickled veggie section and, like so many of our established farm markets in the O-C, there was a plentiful supply of goodies to make an excellent relish tray. I left with sweet heat pickles, zucchini pickles, dilly beans and marinated mushrooms. Incorporate some of the veggies from my CSA at B&C Christ Farms, and voila! A Kendall born tradition to mark my table. Now if only some 70’s mom nearby could show me how to make a radish rose!

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